Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Simple Cards

Good Morning,
Havent posted since Valentine's day, or there abouts.  I have been working on a Baby Scrapbook, which I am giving as a gift at a baby shower next week.  That has taken alot of my time.  But this weekend I had to make two quick cards, one for a birthday and one for a retirment party we were going to. This is the retirement card, I used stamping up card stock, in green and peach.  Grossgrain green ribbon also from stamping up. There are two twinchies as I have heard them called in the same two color combo. One has a stamp of a beach umbrella and the other is stamped with a beach chair. The words time to relax are also stamped and I honestly cant remember what stamp set they came from. The bottom of the card is stamped with the word Congratulations.  Hope you like it.
This next one is a birthday card
I made for my mom, whose 78th birthday is this weekend.  Again the card is simple and is made with stamping up card stock in pink and brown,(I love that color combo), the flowers, gee dont really remember where i got those.  The top layer is dry embossed but at the moment the name of the plate also escapes me. I love the simplicity but elegance of this card.  I hope you like it to. Thanks for looking. Please feel free to leave a comment, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I think Grandma's card is very nice but I believe that to show off the design maybe add some soft colors to accentuate them.