Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vacation page layout

Well Happy Sunday to one and all. Today is Sunday and my hubby is away on a short business trip. So I had a little trouble sleeping, I hate sleeping without him. So anyway, I got up extra early, 5:30 am on a Sunday, can you believe that? That sucks, big time. But on the other hand it gave me a chance to work on a layout. I am in the process of making my son and his wife a scrapbook about the vacation we all took together this summer. And I wanted to make a page with all the pictures printed in circles. And so I printed them in the form of circles. The first one I cut came out all bumpy not a very nice circle. Then I remembered having seen a video on using the center point option on the cricut. Thank you so very much Pink Stamper you saved me, by teaching me how to use the centerpoint option. So I finished the page, it's simple but it has perfectly cut circle pics lol. So here it is

I hope you like, if you do please leave me a comment. Have a Blessed Day.

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