Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone and back to work lol

Hello All,
Hope all is going well for everyone in this New Year.  I know mine has started off with a bang.  I was told a bit earlier that I was going to be blessed with another grandchild this summer.  I couldn't be haippier or more excited. Children are the light of our world.  The more the merrier.  I know times are difficult. But my husband and I are here to help in anyway we can. Our children are our happiness.  The more the merrier lol.
Sorry, off base here, but I am excited that they have decided to spread the news, and now so have I.  But now on to my post.  The holidays are now over.  So I've sat down and made three cards for th next card giving occasion..... Yes Valentine's day.  Not sure if any or all of the three cards I am about to you show you will make the next card giveaway, which will be hosted on my facebook page. But decided to show them off here anyway.
The cards are simple but pretty. So here they are:  Hope you like, any comments are welcome; Thanks for looking