Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Cards

Happy Sunday Everyone:

I have a few more cards which i made for different occassions.  The first is a birthday card that i made for my friend Daisy.  I made this card using MTC to make her name part of the card and to personalize it a little more.  Then there's the one for my precious granddaughter who is very much into Scooby Doo(or scrappy doo) right now, so once again I used MTC to cut scooby doo for use in her card. I also made a card for my stepson, making cards for males is extremely difficult for me. so this one is simple but personalized for him, again letters cut using MTC.  The last one was card a I made for my friend to give to her grandson for his first birtday.  And yes you  guessed it, I used MTC on this one too(actaully the file for this one was made by someone else, and I'm sorry don't remember who, so I can't give proper credit).  Hope you like them all.

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